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Captain Tony Allen has kept seaplanes on Loch Earn for many years. It was his idea to rejuvenate the defunct Seaplane Club of the 1960’s. In concert with his friend and fellow ex-airline pilot, Captain John Russell, they decided that it was time to change that earlier concept of a UK-wide seaplane club into a reality.
Tony Allen
About the Club
Joining Info
Based at Blackbushe, near Farnborough in the U.K., the new Club was set up in 2009, and John Russell agreed to act as the Chairman. He heads a Managing Committee which runs the Club, using its Constitution & Rules. (See Library.)
John Russell will be your pilot for the experience flights.  He has been flying since 1967, and holds both UK and US Airline Transport Pilot’s Licences. In that time he has accumulated nearly 16,000 flying hours, including over 1000 hours flying floatplanes and flying boats. He has performed more than 1050 water landings in the Cessna 182 Amphibian.
John Russell’s position as owner of a Cessna 182 Amphibian has facilitated the access to spare seats on his flights, which is one of the benefits for Club members.
John Russell