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Flight Details
One of the member benefits is the chance to experience a flight in a seaplane including water landings and take-offs.
Free seats are available on a “Standby” basis, and occur only when surplus to the flight mission. Therefore no advance bookings are possible.

Each member gives details of his/her general availability (i.e.: “Weekends only”) and contact details. Using this information we allocate seats to those who were contactable and available. A record is kept to ensure that each member gets the opportunity to experience a flight.

Members should note that it may be necessary to land away at other airfields for operational reasons, before returning to Blackbushe. This may extend the time away by up to one hour.
The Cessna 182 is a high wing aircraft that offers superb views from the cabin of the land and sea below. All seats will be next to a window and there are no restrictions on photography.
Photo © Keith Wilson/SFB Photography
Photo © Keith Wilson/SFB Photography
Photo © Bob Baylis
Photo © Martin Potter
Photo © Peter Jenness
Flight Details

In 2016 most of these flights will depart from Blackbushe Airport, near Farnborough and fly to and from the Isle of Wight area. The approximate length of each flight is 75 minutes and the type of aircraft used is a Cessna 182 amphibian. (Shown in photos.)